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Édia Styles! Owned and run by two Nigerian, Edo sisters Ese and Mudia Osagiede with the support of their mother, Isoken Osagiede (hence the three crowns in logo), is an online African Clothing Store. Ese and Mudia have come together to create this beautiful brand due to their love and passion for African Clothing and promoting African Culture. When not creating beautiful pieces, Ese by profession is a MPH holder, Social Worker and You-tuber, while Mudia is an Engineer and a Nurse and Isoken is a Professor at the University amongst other amazing things.

Édia pronounced as (e-dia with the e from vowels) prides herself in promoting the African culture through fashion. We aim at bringing out the African beauty in every female by allowing every female of diverse backgrounds to experience a sense of pride, confidence and closeness to the African Heritage through our styles.

Without forgetting to have your head up and feel like the Royal you are.

We are #EdiaRoyals #EdiaBeauties #EdiaQueens #EdiaStyles

Beautifully African…

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