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Èdia Styles First Vendor Experience at a Market Event.

Èdia Styles First Vendor Experience at a Market Event.

Calgary is indeed a cold city! It was a very cold Saturday morning on November 17th 2018. Edia Styles had prepared days before for this event. Being a first time vendor in the midst of many “Cowboy” Calgarians, the team was unsure how it will go, but was enthusiastic and was more interested in spreading the word to our fellow Calgarians.

At this event, Edia Styles made a donation of one of its specially handcrafted jewelry set consisting of a set of earrings and 3 hand bracelet to the organizers of the market event as they shared donations were to be given to a non for profit organization in Calgary.

The event began and individuals who attended the event always stopped by the Edia Styles booth being extremely fascinated by the colors, quality and styles displayed by Edia Styles. Even though the outcome was not as intended, Edia Styles was indeed grateful for the experience. This event though showed how organizers could be sometimes disorganized as the venue was extremely cold and the organizers controlled how individuals connected with vendors.

In the future, Edia Styles hopes to have its own pop up sale event and if ever being a vendor for an event would scrutinize before signing up.

Edia Styles first vendor experience at a market event

We look forward to more events in the future as Edia Styles continues to get nurtured and grow.


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